What Is Motherhood Group?


Author: Artie
Published: 26 Nov 2021

The Motherhood Group

The Motherhood Group has been facilitating programs, workshops and events for over 1200 mothers in the last 3 years. She has helped mothers with stress, anxiety and depression by working with healthcare practitioners, Higher Education Institutions and peer to peer support.

A Community of Fun and Interactive Support for Pregnant Moms

You will connect with other mommies in a community of fun and interactive support in a judgement-free, encouraging space, where you can share and discuss your thoughts, feelings, fears and worries with other pregnant mothers. You will receive a monthlyAffirmation and challenge to keep you focused on your goals. You can join us in a safe place where you can share your thoughts, feelings, fears and worries with other mothers who have recently given birth, and learn and receive support from one.

Motherhood: A Discourse on Mothering Ideology

Understandings of motherhood are found in everyday conversations, news, law, and policy. Two strands of discourse are related. The main purpose in life of every woman and the most illustrious of states is motherhood, and this what the dominant discourse of motherhood has remained stable through several centuries.

Through the history of women, motherhood has been seen as a main mission in life, and a holy mission, to serve humanity. Mothering ideologies serve state, social, patriarchal, and personal purposes. The experiences of motherhood for different groups of women fail to conform to the ideal because of the central and glorified ideology of motherhood.

A Partnership for Safe Birth and Newborn Health

The partnership was formed by a consultative process that began in 2002 and involved a diverse group of international development agencies and organizations to promote greater attention and professional guidance in helping with Life insurance quotes to, and resources for, safe motherhood and newborn health. 30 to 50 women suffer injury, infections, or disease for every woman who dies. In developing countries, the leading causes of death and disability for women are pregnancy-related problems.

When a mother dies, children lose their primary caregivers, communities are denied paid and unpaid labour, and countries lose out on her contributions to economic and social development. A woman's death is more than a personal tragedy, it is a huge cost to her nation, her community and her family. She lost any investment that was made in her life.

Her family loses her love, her nurturing, and her productivity. Small and affordable measures can reduce the health risks that women face when they become pregnant. If women had access to appropriate health care during and after their pregnancies, most maternal deaths would be prevented.

The Rise of Single Parenting

It looks very different than it did 50 years ago. More mothers are working full-time while also raising children, as they wait to have kids. Some dads are spending more time with their kids, but that isn't always the case.

Statistics show that single motherhood is on the rise. Part of the problem could be explained by looking at why fathers are absent. Almost all of the children in the United States have a parent in jail.

Some women choose to become single moms to escape domestic partners. It's more acceptable to be a single mom, which may be one of the reasons for the rise in single parenting. A team at the University found that 64 percent of the women they studied have given birth to at least one child out of wedlock.

How Do Mothers Feel?

You can understand how Mothers feel when they are feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and invisible by working with them or your experience as a Mother. The training is appropriate for those considering university research and study, as well as those who work in-depth fields of education, social work, psychology, sociology, and midwifery.

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