What Is Motherhood Of Mary?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 4 Dec 2021

The Mother of God

The title of Mother of God, which the Catholic Church honors Mary, is a potent means to ground us firmly in the possession of the true Faith, and to bring us to a more perfect knowledge of God.

A Mother's Example

The Bible doesn't mention Mary a lot. She is an example of motherhood in three important ways, because of the few things that are said.

Mary as a Helper

Christians call upon Mary as a "Helper", because she is willing to help when their salvation is at stake.

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The Divine Mother: Why abortion and contraception are attacks against it

There is a widespread practical blasphemy by means of abortion and contraception. Abortion turns mothers into killers of their own children. The gift of motherhood is attacked by contraceptives, which treat the power to conceive as a burden and curse. The supreme example of motherhood is the divine maternity of the Blessed Virgin, which is why both abortion and contraception are attacks against it.

The Marian Mass Memorial

Pope Francis decided in the year of the dove that a new memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church should be celebrated all over the world. The Marian memorial will now be celebrated in the universal Church in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, which is what it was in some dioceses and religious communities. The memorial is fixed to the Monday after Pentecost, since it is part of the Easter cycle.

The Sacred Banquet and the Birth of Christ

The Christian people at the Sacred Banquet are particularly interested in her motherhood because it is the mystery of the Redemption that Christ is born of. The field of science and technology has been made great by mankind. It has made great strides along the path of progress and civilization, and in recent times has succeeded in speeding up the pace of history.

The fundamental transformation, which can be called "original," is the one which accompanies man's journey and is always present in history. It is the transformation from death to life. It is a constant challenge to people's consciences, a challenge to man's historical awareness, and a challenge to follow the path of "not falling" in ways that are ever old and ever new.

Acts of Charity

On holy days such as the Solemnity of Mary, acts of charity are very important. Share food from your feast with the needy, or help them in any other way you can.

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