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Author: Artie
Published: 29 Nov 2021

Party with the Oolzounos: A game for kids to learn basic math operations, geometry and number-sense

The table is ready for a game. Do you know your numbers? Play card champion to find out.

Students are prepared for abstract concepts in the game. Students use dot cards to count and match it with a numbe. Kids often think skip counting is a bad idea in mathematics.

It is important to help them get over their fears. Students are prepared for abstract concepts in the game. Students use the chart to ski.

The cats are stuck in the house of patterns and are tired of meowing. They need to go through the doors to be free. It's time to let the cats out.

The game is designed to build a good counting ability using dice patterns. The birds are trapped in a cage and only a champion can free them. Are you ready to release the birds?

Help Oolzows get gifts?

There are many gifts, but they are not accessible in the stack house. Can you help Oolzoos get gifts? The game encourages your young mathematician to use their understanding of the counting sequence to stack and reach the gift.

Students will count objects. There are gifts in the stars. You can connect them in the right order to see the different wishes of the Oolzoos.

The game is about learning the concept of number sequenc by solving a set of problems of varying difficulty levels. The flowers are pretty. The songs are ready to be sung.

You can play the game and be a master of the number songs. The game invites learners to work on a set of problems. The students will learn to sing.

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