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Author: Albert
Published: 28 Nov 2021

Online Mental Health Services for Children

Let your child know about the online services that are available to them if you think they need more support. If you need help, you can speak to your GP, who can refer you to mental health services. You could look at the resources together. The Action Line is a good place to start.

How to Get More Advice with the Own It Keyboard and App

You can get more advice with the Own It Keyboard and app. You can download from your favorite app store. If you're under 13, you should ask your parent or guardian to download the app.

What can anxiety do for you?

Stephen Buckley, an expert on mental health from the charity Mind, spoke to Newsround to find out more about anxiety, what can cause it and what you can do if you're worried that it's affecting you. It is not easy to figure out why you are feeling anxious because it is not obvious, but you know that you just don't feel comfortable. The body can behave differently if it is anxious.

It can make you feel butterflies in your stomach, it can make your heart rate go up, and it can make you clammy. It can cause headaches. If it's something that is stopping you from living your life happily, the most important thing is to speak to an adult you trust so that they can help you.

The Story of Electricity

There are programmes for students studying science, such as Pain, Pus and Poison: Chemistry: A Volatile History, Blood & Guts: A History of Surgery, and Shock and Awe. The story of electricity.

The age of mental health: a survey by the National Institute for Mental Health

Half of adult mental health conditions begin by the time a child is 14, rising to 75% by the age of 24. Young people with conduct disorders are more likely to leave school without qualifications, more likely to become a teenage parent, and more likely to end up in prison.

Personification by the writing of a writer

You can identify personification by looking at the author's writing. A writer could compare the sun's warmth to the arms of a mother.

Natural Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy

The small pocket of space between two cells is called the synep. A single neuron may contain many connections. The Purkinje cell, a type of neuron found in the brain's cerebellum, may have as many as one hundred thousand synapses.

The brain is called the brainstem because of the pons and medulla. The brain sends out messages and takes in the brain's messages. It controls many of the body's automatic functions, like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, swallowing, and blinking.

If a nerve is injured but not cut, it is more likely to heal. It is very difficult to treat injuries in which the nerve has been severed. Your doctor will determine your treatment based on the extent of your injury and how well the nerve is healing.

There are 8 natural treatments for peripheral neuropathy. There are cases of peripheral neuropathy that are related to vitamins. The pepper is cayenne.

The ingredient in hot peppers that makes them spicy is called cayenne pepper. Smoking is a bad habit to quit. The plants which are used for the treatment of pain are included.

Headspace: A Community of People Who Sleep Soundly

The joyful dancing of bottlenose dolphins, the flights of starlings, and the relaxing sounds of the ocean are just some of the things that can be experienced with the help of the book, "Mindful Earth". All from your couch. Headspace has a community of over 60 million. You can learn life-changing techniques in a few minutes a day to help you sleep soundly.

Bitesize Online Lessons

Parents have had to teach their children while they are away from school since the beginning of the school year. The daily lessons on the Bitesize program have helped keep children learning at home. With just one more term left before the summer holidays, families are eager to know when the online lessons are returning.

Remote Education: Resources on the iPlayer Website

The Department for Education said that children from disadvantaged background will be given free laptops and tablets to help them learn from home. The push to make remote education accessible for children while schools are closed is part of it. You can access the iPlayer without a TV license, but there are a number of other resources on the website that are free to use. It is available on the platform on both the Four and Sounds channels, and schools have been encouraging their pupils to use the resources on it.

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