What Is Depression Like Reddit?


Author: Richelle
Published: 6 Dec 2021

How Do You Feel?

Sometimes people who struggle with depression can see a glimpse of what it feels like to be depressed, when things feel real again.

Quora: A place for discussion and discussion

The age of information technology is where you can do almost anything by tapping the screen. The internet is useless without brilliant websites. Hardware and software work in concert to give the user the best experience.

One website that has a lot of information is the internet forums, called Reddit. Many similar sites like Reddit provide immense knowledge and information almost any topic. One of the best places for members of the site to have meaningful conversations is on Quora.

If other users have any idea about the individual topic, they can ask anything for other users answers on Quora. There are some differences between the two, like no cool subreddits and when you post on Quora, it goes live for everyone. On the other hand, on the site, you can change your notification preferences by topics you follow as well as the person you follow.

It works like Yahoo Answers but with more accessibilities, like tracking answer views, adding links, etc. If you are looking for an easy to use site like Reddit, you should try Quora. You can comment on a story to participate in the discussions about that individual story and express your opinion.

News Y Combinator is a place for hackers. 4Chan has different boards for everything from music to video games, and even Japanese animation. Everyone can post comments on their favorite boards without having to have an account.

The Mentality of Depressed

Depression to me is when everything is okay but not great. There are no money problems, family problems or wreck inside. Things that used to bring you joy no longer do.

It was almost impossible to concentrate. You try a lot of things to improve yourself but they are useless. Depression feels like cancer to the person.

It takes a little bit more of you every day. Everyone jokes about people taking happy pills, but those with clinical depression tell you that is not a happy pill. If you have a number of crises going on at the same time, you will break completely and enter into a low that is beyond dark.

Depression is like being in pain, sdness, anger, anxiety, everything, and seeing everyone else breathing and happy, and it's like not wanting to do anything, not wanting to exist, and not wanting to go on with life. It is difficult to just approach someone and talk to them, even though you don't have an empath, but talking to strangers for a few moments on your way to something can help. You might find out something new during the conversation.

You get comfortable in the mindset of depression. You are miserable being depressed. You don't want to give up on being depressed.

The Number of People

Think about the number of people. A vast globe with 7,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 individuals. A percentage of those people are going to have really bad things happen to them.

The Most Depressed INFJs

The highest rates of depression are found in INFJs. The type of person that is referred to as INFJ is an intuitive, feeling, and judging type. They are the idealist and are the only type of personality that is rare.

The MBTI was developed by KAtherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs in 1923. Carl Jung gave a personality type. The most likely type of depression to occur is that of the INFJs, as they are very susceptible to the pain of others and their own pain, due to their compassionate nature.

They can't stop themselves from feeling pain. They are conscious of being kind and gentle. They are very sensitive to the world around them.

They don't share their own sufferings. They are unable tolerate criticism and harsh comments because of their compassionate nature. They are sensitive souls and feel on a deeper level.

They can't escape the pain around them. INFPs can suffer from depressed feelings because they don't feel understood by the world around them. ENTPs feel trapped in their situation and that is the reason they feel depressed.

The kara no-kyoukai movie

The kara no kyoukai movie is full of dark themes like depression, loneliness, and suicidal art with a mature theme of character but the plus point is amazing animation which is worth your time. A dark comedy about depression. Few segments of the jokes are relevant to societies and a lot of circumstances are relevant to many individuals. The three kanji words of his name become the two-kanji word Zetsubou.

Allyson Byers: A Health Blogger

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The role of gender in depression

Depression can be caused by many different symptoms and causes. It is possible that gender plays a role in why a person is affected by depression.

A Comment on "The Insane Part of Life"

Jack, the most important thing is to get things in perspective. The insane part of life will not change. Humans have fought world wars and won to give democracy a chance, but the alternatives are worse.

A large percentage of depressed people are not guilty of being apathetic because they are depressed. Their problem is not too much empathy to the point that it creates a deep sadness inside of them. You are correct.

Online Resources for Mental Health

You eat and work even when you get home, because you run from one meeting to another. You would do anything to avoid those moments. The online environment can be a good place to start learning about depression. There are thousands of articles, guides, and videos on mental health.

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