What Is Family Constellation?


Author: Loyd
Published: 26 Nov 2021

Systemic Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellations is a therapeutic method which draws on elements of family systems therapy, isZului beliefs and attitudes to family and other related topics. A Family Constellation attempts to reveal an unrecognized dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the deleterious effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject, through representatives, to encounter and accept the factual reality of the past. The difference between traditional Zulu attitudes toward parents and those held by Europeans is of particular importance.

Heidegger believed that to be a human, you must find yourself thrown into a world with no clear logical, ontological, or moral structure. Hellinger found the hallmarks of Heidegger's authentic Self in the culture of the Zulus. The central focus of the traditional Zulu people was their ancestors.

Family Constellations Therapy: A Non-Evidence Based Approach

Resolution may not be clear to the person who presented the issue. The session's facilitator asks members to speak their feelings aloud. If a member is unable to make a verbal statement expressing their feelings of comfort in their place in the constellation, they may be moved from place to place.

Family constellations is gaining popularity as an alternative approach to therapy in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, where it is seen by many as a powerful and cost-effective method of addressing relationship-based challenges. It may be due to the brief nature of therapy and its unique method of resolving challenges without requiring the presence of other people. Family constellations therapy is not an evidence-based approach because of the subjective therapeutic process and the nature of family constellations.

Moving away

You can leave your family and move away, but you will always be connected to them on a soul level. You could send someone to the moon. That doesn't mean that is healed.

The root of the situation is treated more than the symptom. Understanding who you are without your family is what it's about. You can become the best version of yourself if you accept who you are and where you come from.

The group of unrelated people as a representation for the inner image

The group of unrelated people may be picked to represent the people or elements of the inner image in a workshop or seminar.

The Family Constellations

The family constellations are based on the idea that many of the mechanisms of action that cause suffering to a person are the result of performances by past generations in the family. It is not a genetic influence, but a cultural one within the family system.

Family Constellation: A Method for Finding the Background of Failure, Disorientations and Addiction

It is a method that takes place in a group under the guidance of one person. It helps people to uncover the background of failure, illness, disorientation, addiction, or anything similar. Wherever there is a need for action or decision-making, the family constellation is useful.

The Orders of Love

Everyone lives in relationships. The family is the foundation of all humans. The basic life principles discovered by Bert Hellinger are what anyone who wants to find their right place and purpose in life must know.

Setting up a problem

There are things to think about when setting up. You can also set up opposites of the problem. Holding on is the opposite of incontinence.

Adlerian Family Therapy

Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs were the originators of Adlerian Family Therapy. The Adlerian assumption about the nature of behavior, its meaning and how to resolve conflict are set forth. A process for helping the family move towards change is presented.

A Family Constellation Workshop

A trained facilitator runs a family constellation workshop. The client targets an area in their life that needs healing or resolution. It doesn't have to relate to family history or the family of origin.

The workshop members are asked to speak their minds occasionally. Resolution may not be clear to the client. The group may be moved from place to place in the constellation until they are able to say they are comfortable in the constellation.

Constellation Therapy: A Technique for the Treatment of Psychological Problems

The Family constellations are a therapy that seeks to release thoughts or beliefs that are not in line with the person. It has not been free of criticism, given its character of therapy alternative. The technique of family constellations starts from the idea that conflicts or ways of behaving that cause psychological problems in a Subject, are regulated by a transmission through their past generations.

It has not been possible to prove whether it is an effective technique for psychotherapy or for the psychological treatment of patients. Even if their presuppositions are based on a theory. The family constellations reveal what is happening through implications and they lead to the person getting rid of them and the family being unconscious.

In some cases, the person who is constellating may be linked to other people who are not in a good relationship with She, and can also be part of the family unconscious. The constellation's family members are represented in the representation of the constellation. In certain moments, the family of the person who is constellating may not be enough to resolve the case.

It is important to remember that all members of the family are part of the family even if they are not spoken to, dead, or missing. The family system does not allow it when one of them is forgotten or excluded from the group. Is there a force of system preservation.

The rest of the people who are in therapy are involved in the same representation of the unconscious of the person who constellates. In some cases, it is the person who is the most intuitive among the others who will help him represent his family in the constellation. The collective unconscious that flows and seems to arise in the consciousness are the mechanisms that give rise to those painful situations.

Family Constellations and Famine Unrest

Local frameworks are the most appropriate for the study of family constellations and famine unrest, while the regional level is better for the analysis of linguistic dialects. Is the child in a group daycare or is the family in an area where a chronic infection like a parasites might have been acquired? The social history can be difficult to get right.

The clinician must establish trust with the family before they can reveal the source of their inability to meet their child's needs. People with strokes and stroke patients live in the same area. The family and principal caregivers are the ones who bear the most burden because strokes cause important ramifications that affect everyone.

The whole family is affected by stroke, not just the patient. caregivers are often dependent on stroke patients for daily activities The family has physical handicaps and new personality quirks.

The main caregivers can develop feelings of isolation, anger, and depression if the patient is dependent on family members for care. It seems as if a new child has been thrust on some families. Doctors should remember that caregivers have their own physical and emotional problems.

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