What Is Family Consumer Science?


Author: Albert
Published: 28 Nov 2021

Family and Consumer Science

Family and consumer science is a study of the relationship between people and the environment, as well as the aspects of family life that are part of society. Family and consumer science is a well-established academic discipline that has a high impact on the development of human society.

A Family and Consumer Science Education Program

The Family and Consumer Science Education program has a background in child development and guidance, family living and parenting education, consumer education, housing and interior design, food and nutrition, textiles and apparel design and merchandising, individual and family health, and leadership. After completing the program, graduates are prepared for careers in K-12 teaching, adult education, program administration, youth service administration, and home economics extension education and administration. Special projects and internship opportunities are available for middle school and high school students. Students develop their skills in the eight career paths relevant to the teaching of Family and Consumer Sciences.

FACS: Fashion and Interior Design for High School Students

FACS teachers are helping their students with business ideas and organizing events in their school and community. Students in high school and middle school learn how to run a restaurant. Students compete at the state level in creating and serving food for judges.

FACS teachers teach the basics of clothing construction to students but they also teach the art of fashion and are developing businesses in the school. Students create their own clothing from recycled products. They put on fashion shows, design pattern boards, and make products to send to charities.

Family and Consumer Sciences Educational Programs

Family and consumer sciences educational programs are available for both youth and adults. The United States is not as likely to offer school programs for elementary age children as other countries. Middle schools, high schools, and colleges around the world offer courses in family and consumer sciences. Family and consumer sciences, human development and family science, family studies, work and family life, human ecology, or home economics are some of the different programs.

Family and Consumer Sciences: A Comprehensive Body of Skills, Research & Knowledge

Q4. The comprehensive body of skills, research, and knowledge that is called family and consumer sciences or FCS is the one that helps people make informed decisions about their well being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life. Human development, personal and family finance, housing and interior design, food science, nutrition, and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues are some of the areas that the field represents.

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