What Is Family Wise Error?


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Published: 3 Dec 2021

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On the method of calculating analytic functions

Similar to Bonferroni, but makes adjustments to each p-value. There are several sequential methods. The easiest method is the one that has been developed, the Sidak-Bonferroni and Holland-Copenhaver.

Testing independence with p>2 variables

The methods described are designed to test the hypothesis of independence. There are no results regarding how to deal with p>2 variables if the goal is to test the hypothesis that the correlations are zero.

Familywise error and type II errors

Sometimes familywise error is a serious problem, but the solution is still poor in that it will create many type II errors.

The Family Error Rate

The family error rate is the maximum probability that a procedure will conclude that least one of the observed differences is different from the null hypothesis. The family error rate is based on the number of comparisons and individual error rate. The family error rate is equal to the individual error rate.

The family error rate increases in a cumulative manner when there are more comparisons. All cases have individual error rates that are exact. Family error rates are the same for all groups.

Comparative Study of the Effects in a Mobile Phone System

Most authors will limit themselves to comparing the main effects within each factor, similar to the earlier comparisons for Oil, when interactions are not important. The two most popular strategies are similar. The cell means are plotted.

Reagent C has the highest production rates for all three types of catalyst. The ANOVA table is shown in Table 9.9. The main effect of reagent is.

When conducting a sample survey by mail, there is a serious problem of delayed or no response. The processing of data can be delayed if respondents are late or non respondents are not responsive. The data on tree diameter can be used to test the underlying distribution.

The mean and variance are calculated. If necessary, combine intervals to avoid small frequencies cell. The personnel department of a large firm took a sample of employees from three different job positions to determine the gender balance of the positions.

The gender of employees from the sample is shown in Table 12.19. The loglinear approach can be used to determine which model best fits the data. Explain the results.

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