What Is Family Worship?


Author: Artie
Published: 27 Nov 2021

What do you think about the congregation?

Get some ideas from other people in the congregation about what they do. You can find publications at the Kingdom Hall that can be used to teach your children about Jehovah.

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Parents

The primary responsibilities of parents are to raise their children in the Lord. God calls parents to lead and love their family diligently, reminding them of the faithfulness and glory of God found through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The House of Prayer

There was a time when every house should be a place of prayer. Infidelity and skepticism prevail. There is iniquity. Rebellion against God breaks out in the life when corruption flows in the vital currents of the soul.

Preparation for Family Worship

Family worship requires some preparation. It requires some thought. Choose a text, a place to meet, a song or a hymn to sing and be ready.

Everyone will be there. Family worship is to be guarded. Be relevant in the application.

Explain how a text affected you. That will make your children feel like the Bible is a real book. A good conscience is a motivation.

When you are dying, you should teach and pray with your family so that they know you have done your best to raise your children in fear of the Lord. The time is short. The time when your children are in your house will be very fast.

The Church: What is the Service?

The average church today thinks the service is all about getting people saved, learning the Word, having their sins forgiven, and taking an offering to help the world.

The Heart

The heart is the response to the knowledge of the mind when the mind is understanding God and the heart is valuing God.

The Joy of Family Worship

Any mention of family worship can cause a cold sweat, a sense of guilt, and an awareness of their inadequacies for many Christian parents. Christian families don't have to worry about family worship being a burden, rather it should be a joy they look forward to each day.

Family Worship

Family worship is a regular gathering of family members to worship God by reading the Bible, praying, singing praise, and finding ways to be involved in ministry and evangelism together. Family worships may include a formula: read, pray, sing and serve. 2

Every Christian family can benefit from such time every day, because there are many creative ways to do it. Establishing faith, personal conviction, and doctrine are some of the things that family worship helps with. The home makes a great Bible school where children can be grounded in faith and face the modern world.

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