What Is Maternity Allowance?


Author: Lisa
Published: 6 Dec 2021

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Maternity Pay and Taxes

Statutory Maternity Pay is similar to the normal way of paying staff, with deductions for taxes and National Insurance. You can claim it later.

Maternity Benefit and Social Insurance

If you are unhappy with the decision about your application, you can appeal it to the Social Welfare Appeals Office. You should appeal within 21 days of the decision. All Maternity Benefit claims are taxed.

Universal Social Charge and PRSI are not deductible. You can read about how Maternity Benefit is taxed. You can get more information from Revenue.

On July 8, 2021, the PUP closed to new applicants. If you were getting PUP immediately before your Maternity Benefit and your MB finished on or after 8 July 2021, you can apply for it again. You can get an application form by email or by calling the Income Support Helpline.

Women who have paid PRSI contributions on their social insurance record and who are insurable employment up to the first day of their maternity leave are eligible for maternity benefit. It is necessary to take at least 2 weeks and not more than 16 weeks of leave before the baby is due. To ensure you take the minimum period of maternity leave before the birth of your baby, you must start your leave on the Monday before the week in which your baby is due.

If your due date is Wednesday 13 October 2021, the latest date for the start of your maternity leave is Monday 4 October 2021. If your child is in the hospital, you can delay the last 12 weeks of maternity leave. You must have taken at least 4 weeks of maternity leave after your baby was born to be eligible for your Maternity Benefit.

Maternity Benefit Claims in Person

The maternity benefit claims are filed in person. You can file it at your nearest branch, but it will be processed and reimbursed by the branch where you are registered.

Non-Existence of Late Matrimonial Leave for Foreign Employees

A foreign employee is not eligible for late maternity leave because they take 98 days of paid maternity leave. The 98-day leave includes working days, weekends, and national holidays, while the late maternity leave only includes working days and weekends.

The Basic Salary of an Employee

The basic salary of the employee is used to calculate the allowance amount. The basic pay will between 30% and 60% of the salary. If employees work more than their fixed hours, they get overtime allowance.

The salary structure of an employee includes allowances. It is provided with the basic salary. It depends on the employer and can be different from company to company.

Managing payroll is difficult. There are many moving pieces and different perspectives to think about. Payroll processing can be a lot of work, from managing employees to ensuring compliance, from generating payslip to depositing salary in bank.

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