Welcome to YOUR village

You didn’t give up your humanity when you became a mother.

From the moment you know that you’ll become a mother everything changes. Everyone around you reminds you how nothing but this child will matter anymore – including you.  Mothers are treated as inhuman, but are expected to be superhuman.

So if you’ve lost yourself, mama, you are not alone.



Cloth vs. Disposable

Breast vs. Bottle

Montessori vs Classic




Work/life balance



Emotional load


Sex Ed

College Savings

Our schedules are overloaded, our heads are spinning, our children, partners, parents, and friends all need us and WE are the ones getting lost.

There is no place to stop. Nowhere you can hear your own voice cutting through all of the outside noise. When was the last time someone looked at you and saw YOU? When was the last time you looked into the mirror and saw yourself – not the daughter you are, the mother you are, the friend, employee, or boss that you are, but the PERSON you are at your core?

Do you even remember who that is?


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What if there was a place where you could just be YOU? A place where you had the time and the room to explore who you are and who you could be?

There is. 

Find out who you are and how you can thrive as a person AND as a mother.

Reach your goals because you have a whole community of moms at your back.  

Learn from some of the most transformative life coaches working right now - and from other moms just like you.

Have a place to go to get support, to share a win, or to find answers.


Introducing: The Mom Center

The Mom Center is all about you. This is a place of learning, support, and growth. Here we will shift the focus from our families to ourselves. Through coaching, community, and accountability we will meet ourselves and learn how to care for ourselves.

Mothers are the linchpin of the family, the hub of the wheel. We cannot afford to continue to not the focus of our own lives. This is the space where all of that changes.

In this place, your humanity is unquestioned. You can be honest about your motherhood journey and your life. Without judgment.

In this place, your needs are important. You don't have to feel selfish for focusing on you.

In this place your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is paramount. You'll get support and inspiration to make caring for yourself paramount.

In this place, you will be heard. You can share your hopes, dreams, and frustrations.

In this place, you will find guidance. You'll get coaching and help to keep you on track.

What makes this place more than simply a wonderful community is that you will receive life coaching from and direct access to me – and to coaches, teachers and experts every month.

You don’t have to keep trying to figure it out all on your own. You don’t have to keep looking in book after book after article after podcast after workbook after documentary after blog post searching for the key, for the thing that will put your life back into your hands.

Stop. Breathe.

This is it. This is where things change. This is where YOU come back into your life.


How does it work?

Sign up today and you’ll start a 7-day FREE trial. Yes, it’s totally and completely free. You’ll have full access to the group and be able to have the total membership experience.

Inside the group, you’ll get monthly and weekly thought/journal prompts, group coaching, and support to figure out how who you are and who you can become is just as important as how you mother.

Whether you have a few minutes a day or hours each week, you’ll find inspiration, learning, and support here. And you won’t get sucked into the zombie scroll!

We learn from each other. We support each other. We are brave, silly, scared, exhausted, filled, and buried under never-ending laundry piles together. This is our place.


for $35 a month or $350 a year You Get:

  • Focus for the month so that you no longer feel lost 
  • Weekly lesson and support so that you make actual progress in becoming the person and mother you want to be and stop getting stuck in overwhelm
  • Group coaching because we all need support to keep momentum and growth going
  • Expert coaches and teachers each month so that you can learn from a wide range of experiences in all areas of your life
  • Community support because none of us can do this alone
  • Resource library so that you don't have to search the whole internet for answers
  • 24/7 Access to the community via Website and App so that you are never alone
  • Closed Network with no ads or distractions so that you can focus on YOU
  • 7 Day Free Trial because we know you'll want to stay



Hi, I'm Graeme

I'm a Certified Life Coach who works only with moms since 2014. Why moms? Because I know that if we want families to thrive we have got to have mothers who thrive. 

I'm a mom of two and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety. I have PTSD from a traumatic birth experience with my oldest child. My experiences of looking for support, both when I was sick and as I got healthy, led me to create The Mom Center. 

I truly thought that once I was healthy this would easy. I thought I was only struggling because of the depression and anxiety and trauma. What I've learned is that ALL MOMS have struggles and that we all need support. That is what my work is about and that is why The Mom Center exists. 

I'm here to have your back. You are not alone anymore. 


What Members are saying:

“One of my favorite components of The Mom Center is the monthly themes Graeme has created, and with each theme we have a monthly phone call with an expert guest speaker. Each call has been an invitation to gently explore and ask myself questions I’ve been shying away from. I find myself noticing and subtly integrating the answers into my life. As a mom, I don’t need a lot of a-ha moments that stop me in my tracks and send me on a soul-searching backpacking trip (through Target, I mean). I need to recognize and shift unhelpful patterns so I can make long-term sustainable changes. The Mom Center is helping me do exactly that.” - Nami, mom of one

“The self care method Graeme has developed is life changing… as in this method has improved the quality of my life so exponentially that I’m eagerly anticipating my future. It has filled a need in me for affirmation, empathy, and kindness. Guess who gives me those things now? Me. I am empowered to be my own foundation of trust. The exchange of support and wisdom with people working on their own self care journey has given me confidence and a beautiful sense of belonging.I’m not spoiled. At 43 years old, I am meeting my own needs for the first time in my life.” – Gayle, mom of three

The Mom Center is a soft space to land. It’s a community of women who are learning together and growing together. Graeme is a coach and leader who instinctively knows when you need to vent frustrations, need a virtual hug, or asks additional questions to help you dig deeper. It’s an atmosphere of love, respect and support.– Jennifer, mom of two


I know, it all sounds amazing but there's a part of you that is holding back. You aren't used to spending money on yourself. 

You aren't used to spending time on yourself. 

And this all feels like something that would be amazing for another mama. A mama with more money. A mama with more time. A mama more worthy of help. A mama who needs it more. 

But mama, YOU ARE WORTHY. You are worthy of the time. You are valuable. You deserve this support. Right now. 

Not when you've struggled more. 

Not when you've somehow earned it. 

Right. Now. 

There is an entire community of mothers who are waiting to welcome you and support you. They are waiting to lift you up, make you laugh, have your back. 

We're waiting for you. 

Join us.