The problem with motherhood is...


For each of us, it's different. There is no universal experience of motherhood, no hard and fast rules, no real way to know that we're doing any of this right until after we've done it. But we have something amazing - we have each other.  

In a culture that treats mothers as if we are inhuman and expects us to be superhuman it is the wisdom, the grace, the support, the laughter, and the lessons from other mothers that can carry us through.



We can heal each other. We can thrive, together. 


The Mom Center

This is it. This is the place you've been looking for, mama. This is the place you didn't think could exist. This is a place where your wants, your needs, your healing is the focus. It is a transformative space unlike any other place online. 

The Mom Center puts the needs of the mother at the center. It is a social coaching network, a private website who's members are all mothers dedicated to their own healing and their family thriving.  



About Me

I am a Motherhood Life Coach and my work is to support you on your journey through motherhood. I know you may feel that you are all alone. I have felt that isolation, too. But I've found healing in community and, if you're ready, you can too. 

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Mama Mail

Every week I send love and fire to mothers around the world. This is an email from a friend, reminding you that you can handle whatever the week throws at you and that you are not alone. Are you on the list?