The problem with motherhood is...


For each of us, it's different. There is no universal experience of motherhood, no hard and fast rules, no real way to know that we're doing any of this right until after we've done it. But we have something amazing - we have each other.  

In a culture that treats mothers as if we are inhuman and expects us to be superhuman it is the wisdom, the grace, the support, the laughter, and the lessons from other mothers that can carry us through.



We can heal each other. We can thrive, together. 


About Me

I am a Motherhood Life Coach and my work is to support you on your journey through motherhood. I know you may feel that you are all alone. I have felt that isolation, too. But I've found healing in community and, if you're ready, you can too. 

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Mama Mail

Every week I send love and fire to mothers around the world. This is an email from a friend, reminding you that you can handle whatever the week throws at you and that you are not alone. Are you on the list? 


The empty altar essays

This is my motherhood manifesto.

My statement of beliefs.

My vision for the future of motherhood.

Join me for a deep dive into how we mother and why we mother this way. These essays will explore the social, political, personal, mental, emotional, historical, and futurist aspects of motherhood. 

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the blog

The truth can set you free - and every time you speak the truth you create space for another mother to do the same. This is where I create space. These are my truths about my journey through motherhood. Join me. 

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the survey

The Motherhood Survey is the first (and only) of its kind! This is an ongoing effort to explore the problems with motherhood from the ones who know best - moms. Share your truth, mama. I am ready to listen.  

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the podcast

You get two episodes each week! Self-Care Soundbytes are short challenges that you can complete in less than five minutes. Solved tackles a problem with motherhood each week and offers you actionable solutions. 

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work with me

When you are ready to make change in your life I am ready to support you. I have a range of products and services to fit into your lifestyle and get you results. It does NOT have to be this hard, mama. Let's make change.  

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